Priyanka Profile

Age 23 Years
Height 5.8"
Hair black
Eyes Black
Bust B Cup

About Me

Hi gays

I am Priyanka and I am a role model. Now I am modelling on ramp in Delhi and Mumbai and all over India. I have been modelling for 1 year. I have studied modeling and after that I started modelling in Mumbai. A few days ago I have been chatting in Delhi and along with modelling; I work in Independent Escort in Delhi. There are so many friends in my rally and who they are my clients, they become my good friends because my nature is very friendly. I want more than Mumbai, I want to be here, I want to focus on my career together because I want to go ahead and become a super model. That's why I work hard every day at 5:00 am every morning I go to the gym and after breakfast I am very sensible towards my health.

I am only 23 years old and my length is 5 feet 8 inches. It is my body that is perfect in making me models. I am also passionate about acting. I want to be acting in Bollywood and be a good actress. I am acting very well with the client; the escort service given by me is very fun. You enclose my whole night with me. Meet them in the chatting with them. Have fun with them shopping, dancing in the club etc., swimming in the pool. I love swimming very much. I can meet you in Delhi. I am in Delhi right now, contact me soon and you will join me with me. Have a chance to enjoy